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Autoimmune syndrome and miscarriages? Can blindness protect from schizophrenia? – ep007 Drugs&Coffee

So, we changed our format a little bit. It is more in tune with the original idea of our little video podcast....

Silicon Valley CEO talks pharmacy – Sam Parr ( – DrugsandCoffee ep006

Sam Parr is the CEO and co-founder of, daily business email newsletter with over 1 million subscribers that will keep you...

Burnout is real. What next? Interview with Alex Barker PharmD (HappyPharmD) – DrugsandCoffee ep005

Alex Barker PharmD is an author, speaker and founder of The Happy PharmD. He has specialized in helping pharmacist find fulfilling jobs...

True Story – Acting as a patient advocate – ep004 Drugs&Coffee

Joann Tweh PharmD, drugsandcoffee co-founder and co-host, shares how she used her clinical knowledge to help her own mother. Learn how she...

Low dose Aspirin 81mg. Why not 82mg?

Introduced to market in 1899 by Bayer, Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) remains one of the most widely sold medications on the planet....

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and TEN

Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) are life threatening reactions to medications that can occur. These reactions are...

Rediscover pharmacy with us

Consider these questions. Who are we in this modern world of pharmacy? How can we utilize our non-pharmacy skills to improve healthcare in general? How do we think outside the box and invent new ways of helping our patients? Why do we need to be at the mercy of others?

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Who are we?

Drugs&Coffee channel was founded by Joann and Marko, married couple, both pharmacists, and both with an ambition to share interesting pharmacy/healthcare related stories and information. We will post interviews with healthcare leaders and innovators on various pharmacy and healthcare related topics.

Marko decided to do the interviews as a personal challenge, and so far it is working out just fine 🙂


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