So, we changed our format a little bit. It is more in tune with the original idea of our little video podcast. The original idea was to record our daily coffee conversations, which often end up around pharmacy and healthcare (hey, not a big surprise for 2 pharmacists), so we decided to be true to our original idea. We each choose an interesting topic that we ran into in the news, or elsewhere.

  1. Joann covered antiphospholipid syndrome, an autoimmune disease frequently associated with frequent miscarriages. I honestly had no idea about it. Super important.
  2. I ran into an article on Vice News about this 40 year old medical mystery. Apparently, there are no known cases of people who were born blind and who are schizophrenic. Is there a link? Can congenital blindness protect you from schizophrenia? Fascinating!

Lastly, help us out and SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel, as well as, let your friends know about our project. It’s fun project for us, and we hope others find value in it as well.Here is the most recent episode. Check it out. Enjoy


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